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Thursday, 12 July, 2007

Canadians sue "reckless and selfish" TB man

There's yet another twist in the story of Andrew Speaker (right), the world's most famous TB patient. A group of Canadians who sat near him on his return flight from Prague to Montreal are now .

Mr Speaker - who ironically works as a personal claims lawyer - recently sparked international panic when he travelled abroad with a suspected case of , an extremely deadly form of tuberculosis. to a less-severe form of the disease.

Seven Canadians and two Czechs filed suit in Quebec court. The Czechs - sisters Ludmela Urbanova and Eva Sustkova - sat right next to Mr Speaker on the flight. They're seeking $100,000 apiece in the suit. Montreal man Nassim Tabri, who sat one row ahead of Mr Speaker, he's suing the lawyer for his "reckless and selfish behaviour":

"Why should Mr. Speaker feel that his life is worth more [than] my life and the lives of the other innocent passengers on the plane?"


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