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Wednesday, 11 July, 2007

Scandal-wracked health authority boss resigns

has claimed another victim. George Tilley (right), CEO of Eastern Health authority in Newfoundland & Labrador, amidst an ongoing investigation and a pending class-action suit against the health authority.

that Mr Tilley's resignation is part of the fallout from a separate but equally serious Eastern Health scandal involving radiologist Fred Kasirye. That inquiry is : officials said last month that all Dr Kasirye's records had been reviewed, but they that they missed over a thousand records because of a computer glitch, infuriating Health Minister Ross Wiseman.

Provincial opposition leader, Liberal Gerry Reid, is now calling for the Health Minister and Justice Minister (who formerly served in the health portfolio) to .

Photo of George Tilley © CBC


  1. As happened in Zimbabwe, Tilley (as a returning officer) went back to Wiseman his boss President (Mugabe) with un desired resul;ts. He was rebuked, forced to resign, and the results thrown out. A new person was appointed to do the recount(review another 100 cases until the desired result was anounced. Shame on Loise John and Eastern Health.

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