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Tuesday, 24 July, 2007

Docs dis Dr Hershberg's EMR

Dr Melissa Hershberg’s , a "web-based patient record created by doctors for doctors," is receiving :

  • "She's a 29-year-old physician in Toronto who has already published a diet book and now has written a web-based EMR that she wants to give away for free. I'm feeling a little inadequate."
  • "Exciting. A new EMR. Canadian at that. Fatal flaw for the doctor -- no visit templating! OUCH!"
  • "The amount of work to keep this up precludes its use. The labs would need to be keyed in manually. Surprise The idea here is the slave family doctor is supposed to maintain this online CPP [cumulative patient profile]. That aint going to happen."

  • "Patients reading their own summary? I'm not a fan. At a minimum I need to diagnose patients with things they don't want to hear. When I have 'Query OCD' in your chart, that is important to me. The patients have no business knowing I think they may have OCD. It is not helpful for them to know."

  • "I really don't like the name. It sounds like something you stick your feet in, not an EMR."

. Here's what she had to say:
"My incentive for creating it is it will be free for physicians to use. Right now lots of FPs are pressured to go to e-charting, and they'll have to put thousands of dollars into it. I don't think it's fair to make doctors pay all this money to have a better practice management tool. [...]

"The initial goal was to create something for the patient — they don't remember all their meds, they don't carry copies of EKGs, they don't remember their whole past medical history — but I think that is sort of creative thinking to incentivize GPs. Doctors need to be rewarded rather than told to spend $25,000 to get a system — that's backward."


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