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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Experts rap about SiCKO; BC woman killed by fake internet meds

Hot off the presses, NRM's contains a compelling . The popular film, an indictment of the American healthcare industry, paints a rosy picture of Canada's universal medicare. Find out if luminaries from both sides of the border buy his claim.

Here's a sample:

What can Canadians learn from SiCKO?
Michael McBane: SiCKO's a wake-up call for Canadians to get real about how private healthcare works. The notion that the private sector is the solution to our wait times is totally blown out of the water in the film.

David Gratzer: Unfortunately, Moore's analysis is so superficial that I don't think Canadians can learn much of substance. As a country lawyer once wrote, people who like this sort of thing will like this sort of thing.

Also in this issue , the BC woman who died from aluminum toxicity after ingesting dodgy meds she bought online.
RCMP and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials cracked the case when they took a look at Ms Bergeron's computer in March. She had been visiting websites that sold unlicensed pharmaceuticals — the kind you often see advertised in spam emails.
Read about like MRSA and E Coli using an old osteoporosis drug.

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really nice article. thanks for sharing
How serious is MRSA and can you get it from human skin to skin contact?
My daughter just found out she has MRSA . She just recently had a baby 3 months ago. Can her baby or her sister's get this from just being around her?


From what I undertand, it's possible, yes. But you should direct specific questions about treatment to a physician.

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