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Monday, 30 July, 2007

Homer's SiCKO moment

This great Simpsons clip accomplishes in 35 seconds what it took Michael Moore almost two hours to do.

That's from "" (1992), in which Homer suffers a heart attack, then another when he learns the price of triple bypass surgery, then another during his private health insurance application process -- which leads the insurer to deny him coverage because of his preexisting condition. Dr Nick Riviera, the show's omnipresent quack, eventually offers the surgery for a bargain-basement price. The episode also features what may be the best line ever written for a cartoon physician: "The coroner?! I'm so sick of that guy!" Dr Nick exclaims at one point.

In a more recent episode, "" (2005), Homer and company get fake Canadian healthcare cards and head to Winnipeg to buy prescription drugs -- not dissimilar to the woman from Flint, Michigan who tries (disingenuously) to acquire an OHIP card in Michael Moore's "."

Life imitating art, or Simpsons prescience?

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