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Wednesday, 11 July, 2007

Michael Moore's crush on Canada

Michael Moore loves Canada, but the feeling isn't entirely mutual.

In , Mr Moore takes a long, hard look at the US managed care system. He visits countries with universal health systems, including the UK, France, Cuba and, yes, you guessed it, Canada, comparing them to the American system. The US model, rather predictably, comes off looking archaic, backward and far inferior to the others. Canada appears to be a healthcare heaven, if you take Mr Moore's word for it.

But some Canadians aren't pleased about SiCKO. At a press conference after the film's Cannes debut last month, several Canadian film critics, including and challenged Mr Moore’s rosy depiction of Canadian healthcare.
"Sicko makes it seem as if Canada's socialized medicine is flawless and that Canadians are satisfied with the status quo," wrote Mr Howell.

(You can listen to the at AOL’s Cinematical magazine.)



  1. You Canadian doctors who want Private Health Care are stupid and selfish and nothin between the ears and having said that.

    The good news Canadians are onto you clowns Privatizers and will elect a NDP Jack Layton NDP Government so we can fix and enhance MEDICARE to be Non-Profit and not for profit. VOTE NDP

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