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Wednesday, 4 July, 2007

Prior complaint seals disgraced military doc's fate

Damning details of a second sexual misconduct complaint against suspended Newfoundland psychiatrist Dr James Hanley have emerged.

In a recent issue of I wrote about how Dr Hanley's sexual relationship with a patient in Newfoundland had got him in trouble with the College of Physicians and Surgeons in New Brunswick, where he was practising as a civilian doc at CFB Gagetown. Then, just when it looked like the NB College would reinstate him, based on the fact that the Army was satisfied with his work and that his infraction was a one-time offence, this second prior complaint was revealed.

The NL College knew about the complaint but insists it was under no obligation to share the info because the complaint was withdrawn, . The NB College counters that this info completely changes their view that the case was an isolated incident. Dr Hanley's military bosses - once so keen to defend him - now say they have no plans to re-hire him.


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