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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

RateMDs suicide drama

John Swapceinski, founder of, recently . He was alerted to the threat that appeared on the RateMDs online forum by his erstwhile archenemy, London, Ontario FP Keith Thompson, via the RateMDs forum that had previously served as the venue for .

Dr Keith (July 12, 4:15pm): John: It seems someone named brandylynn has posted a suicide threat here on the forum...Can you trace in anyway or anything you can do to notify the Police...PS this is hopefully not a Troll Joke because if it is its not funny Please help it you can? Dr Keith

Ms77Doodlebug (July 12, 5:09pm): Please respond John!!!

Naly (July 12, 7:34pm): THANK YOU DR. KEITH!!!! I have always learned to take these threats seriously. You may have just saved a life!!! I'm praying you did!

RateMDs John (July 13, 11:14am): I just checked the forum now and am contacting the police. John

RateMDs John (July 13, 1:43pm): The police just called me and said she is alive and well. Good news. John

Ms77Doodlebug (July 13, 1:54pm): Thank you Jesus!! And thank you too John!!

CL (July 13, 2:23pm): I wonder if the press will get a hold of this lol.

Dr Keith (July 13, 6:36pm): John..good for you!Thank you for taking care of this and I hope Brandlynn is OK!Maybe you should leave an emergency pager number in future...just kidding, but honestly that is a little to surreal for me! Dr Keith
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  1. This site is a farce,and causes mental abuse to patients. The moderators and patients create mutiple screennames to bash others.

  2. B.S. (above)I've had the exact opposite experience where a WCB Doctor has done the same thing only instead of bashing, he extols his own virtues.

  3. I agree with anonymous 1, in that the site causes confusion to patients, and supplies misinformation to patients. I don't share the idea that the moderators and patients create multiple screen names just to bash others.

    True, there is bashing, but the multiple identities are encouraged to keep a steady stream of people visiting the site. Each time a person signs in, the site makes money. So if a moderator has 6 identities and uses all six in one day the site has made money. Now multiply that by the many who use multiple identities on the forum and the rating site. That, in my country, is called Capitalism. It's not pretty, but that's the way it is.

    Anonymous 2:

    I know the doctor you're talking about, and I strongly disagree that he was extoling his own virtues. He was just trying to make a point that many out here forget. The point is that anyone, including the patient's cat can rate a physician on RateMDs. If by extoling his own virtue, you mean the doctor stands up for his profession and sweeps the BS out of the way with scientific truth, then let him continue to blow his own horn!

  4. is a site for patients to vent their frustrations when they dont get what they are looking for from an MD and is not a good source when you are looking for a doctor. The negative comments are never constructive, helpful or have informative information that will help you make a good decision, they are all just a doctor bashing, People post what ever they want, however rude. If this site was truly a resource to find a good doctor, there would be absoultely no rude, harsh, or name calling comments allowed. period. But because this site does allow this, this is why this site cannot be trusted as a good resource for finding out about an MD.

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