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Friday, 27 July, 2007

Shamefaced Australian police drop charges against MD terror suspect

Dr Mohamed Haneef, in Glasgow earlier this month, .

"On my view of this matter, a mistake has been made," public prosecutor Damian Bugg told reporters.

Dr Haneef is a second cousin of two of the other suspects, Kafeel Ahmed and his brother Dr Sabeel Ahmed. Kafeel, who is alleged to have driven a bomb-laden Jeep into Glasgow's international airport, remains in hospital with severe burns.

The Australian government of putting political pressure on investigators. Police originally charged Dr Haneef with recklessly supporting terrorism because he supposedly provided the attackers with his cell phone SIM card. In fact, the SIM card had been left with Sabeel in Liverpool when Dr Haneef left the UK to practise in Australia, where the card wouldn't have worked.

Photo of Dr Mohamed Haneef: Associated Press

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