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Friday, 17 August, 2007

Alberta supermarket raises cash for DCA research

Strange but true: A Fairview, Alberta IGA supermarket is .

DCA has been a hot topic since January, when a University of Alberta researcher, cardiologist Dr Evangelos Michelakis, announced that the drug killed cancer tumours - at least in mice. To Dr Michelakis' dismay, desperate cancer patients - believing DCA to be a miracle cure - started . Some have been buying the drug online and using it without medical supervision, . Others have been prescribed the drug by doctors, as in the case of a husband and wife physician team in Toronto that .

The Alberta IGA wants to help DCA to go legit. :

The Freson IGA wants to help pay for the next stage of research.

“Cancer has affected at least someone we know. This drug could save lives,” said IGA manager Tom Dunlop.

Eight weeks ago, the store started a program where customers can donate their Smart Shopper cards. Each card is worth 50 cents and is matched by the store.

Since the program started two months ago, the grocery store has raised $900.

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