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Wednesday, 22 August, 2007

NB doc on trial for arson and drug trafficking, lawyer quits

The lawyer representing Dr Corinna Golding (right), a Rothesay, NB, family physician on trial for arson, uttering threats and narcotics trafficking, has , reports the New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal today.

Her lawyer, Gary Miller, stated in an affidavit to the court that his relationship with Dr Golding has "irreconcilably broken down [because she has] not fulfilled her retainer obligations in that she has failed to follow our instructions in violation of an express condition of our retainer agreement, which goes to the core of the conduct of her defence."

The Telegraph-Journal reports that no details on that claim are available, but logic dictates that the "violation of an express condition" may refer to recent charges brought against Dr Golding for having contact with a witness in her case -- presumably the young man, Nelson Getson, who was sentenced to six months in prison for the burning of Dr Golding's van. Her arson charge stems from that incident; she is alleged to have paid Mr Getson, the 19-year-old who claims he was her lover, with Percocet pills in exhange for burning the van. (Dr Golding, 41, maintains that he was nothing more than a patient of hers.)

Mr Getson was sentenced to an extra two months imprisonment for having contact with Dr Golding in September 2006 and for having assaulted her the previous month.

Dr Golding's licence to practise was suspended by the NB College of Physicians and Surgeons last September.

Her trial begins on Monday, August 27. She decided to have the case heard by just the judge, without a jury.

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