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Thursday, 9 August, 2007

Premiers run into some trouble during morning jog

Gary Doer of Manitoba, Shawn Graham of New Brunswick and Rodney MacDonald of Nova Scotia got up early Thursday morning to go for a run in the rain before Council of the Federation meetings in Moncton, NB.

But it wasn't long before protesters, including Canadian Federation of Nurses Union president Linda Silas, stopped them in their tracks to lecture them on healthcare, the environment, labour mobility and trade, . (The three runners apparently "sprinted ahead of protesters" before halting.)

CP reports that Premier Doer offered to "support their cause and wear the same hat," referring to the nurses' Medicare caps.

Given that it was raining in Moncton that morning, was his offer genuine - or was he just looking for a way to avoid getting all wet? This morning's report offers no clues, but Ms Silas, who is in Moncton to urge the provincial leaders to protect Canada's universal healthcare system, was left high and dry by the impromptu roadside pow wow: "I don't think they understand the urgency," she said.

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