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Thursday, 9 August, 2007

Smitherman ties the knot, but Dalton's a no-show

George Smitherman, Ontario's divisive deputy premier and health minister, took a break from campaigning long enough to marry his partner Christopher Peloso last Sunday.

Premier Dalton McGuinty was invited but didn't make it to the ceremony in Elliott Lake, Ontario; he had a "personal scheduling conflict," .

"I've got nothing but the best of wishes for George and I'm hoping that this marriage will help him come out of his shell," Premier McGuinty quipped to reporters prior to the wedding.

"[H]e wasn't able to," Minister Smitherman . "He worked hard on his schedule [but Elliot Lake] is a hard place to duck into – to drop in for the ceremony and head somewhere else."

Mr Smitherman, 43, is Ontario's first openly gay MPP. Mr Peloso, 33, a Lindt Canada manager, and he had been dating for 18 months. Mr Smitherman proposed at Christmastime by giving his partner a tuxedo with a wedding invitation in the pocket.

Part of the ceremony was conducted by Ojibway spiritual advisor Ron Indian-Mandamin, who, according to the Star, "referred to the ancient concept of gay or 'two-spirited people' who in generations past often served as tribes' mystics or medicine men."

Mr Smitherman, backing down from , showed up in a blue suit instead of a thong. (See sidebar, right, to read .)

The NRM Award for the Best Smitherman Headline Ever goes to : Political bruiser shows softer side on gay wedding day


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