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Monday, 10 September, 2007

Are health wikis useful?

if patient-generated health wikis are beneficial (or even safe):

Patients who live with chronic diseases such as epilepsy often know more about them than their doctors, contends Daniel Hoch, a professor at Harvard Medical School who helped to found BrainTalk. Many doctors, he says, “don't get the wisdom of crowds.” But he thinks the combined knowledge of a crowd of his patients would be far greater than his own. A wiki capturing the knowledge of, say, 300 epileptics could be invaluable not only to others with epilepsy, but also to the medical professionals who care for them.
Following that line of reasoning, wouldn't the collective wisdom of 300 epilepsy specialist physicians be even better, then? Some doctors (including Dr Melissa Hershberg, who was ) are already working along those lines with a project called .

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