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Friday, 14 September, 2007

Belinda Stronach seeks cancer care in US

When Liberal MP Belinda Stronach (right) needed a mastectomy and breast reconstruction following her breast cancer diagnosis earlier this year, she headed to California. Her choice of US private care over Canadian public care was :

It is unusual for a federal politician to travel outside Canada for private medical treatment, especially given the hallowed status of the Canadian, publicly financed healthcare system in the realm of political debate.
But her spokesperson insisted her decision "had nothing to do with her confidence – or lack of it – in Canada's cancer-treatment facilities or public health care." He continued:
"In fact, Belinda thinks very highly of the Canadian health-care system, and uses it when needed for herself and her children, as do all Canadians. As well, her family has clearly demonstrated that support. [...]

"This was about a specific health-care procedure, unrelated to any views about the quality of Canadian health care, a decision based on medical advice and a referral from her Toronto physicians, and just one part of several areas of treatment. Belinda has nothing but praise for the community of health-care professionals in Toronto who supported and treated her throughout the last six months."
The Star story is , with American readers thrilled to hear of Canada's healthcare struggles.

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