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Thursday, September 20, 2007

John Tory proposes more private delivery of publicly funded care

The two most salient points from John Tory's (pictured right) proposed health-insurance reform plan are to let Ontarians access private health clinics using their public insurance plan cards, and to let physicians work in both public and private clinics at the same time.

The London Free Press

While "fiercely committed" to the principles of the public health system, he said he believes private health-care delivery can end the suffering of people waiting for service.

Tory said the OHIP card would be needed to access such services and facilities, which wouldn't be able to charge more than OHIP pays.
The Globe and Mail says Tory's plan is from the religious-schools issue that has been hurting him in the polls heading into the October 10 election.

The Globe reports that the Liberals and NDP, of course, oppose Tory's ideas:
Liberal Health Minister George Smitherman said his party rejects the idea that for-profit delivery is the answer for health care.

There is a "tremendous body of evidence" that suggests the private delivery of health care will lead to poorer outcomes and the "cherry picking" of the easier, high-profit procedures by the private providers, he said.

"Hip surgery is not like having your toenail clipped," he said.The NDP also condemned the plan, saying Mr. Tory would "continue the McGuinty tradition of steering public dollars into private profit."
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