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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Quebec City man's kidney for sale

If you want to illegally sell your kidney, it's probably best not to :

Saying he is "flat broke" because of the court battle, which killed his reputation as a legitimate and competent provider of offshore financial services, [Quebec City businessman Jean Bédard] is eligible to qualify for legal aid but is unable to find a lawyer willing to take his case.

After being granted a delay by the courts last month to find a solution, he said he came up with the idea of selling one of his two kidneys to raise funds. [...]

"I've heard that a guy was paid $2.5 million for a kidney," said Bédard, a 44-year-old bachelor with no children who says he is in good health. "I don't smoke or drink or do drugs, (so) my kidneys must be in pretty good shape." [...]

But kidney experts think Bédard might have trouble with his money-raising scheme.

According to Marlene Shoucair, director of national communications for the Canadian Kidney Foundation, it is illegal to sell any organ for transplant in Canada.


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