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Tuesday, 2 October, 2007

CancerMatch dating: Marry a Canadian for healthcare

Diagnosed with metastasized breast cancer and melanoma, and rapidly approaching bankruptcy, Jeanne Sather of Washington state (right) posted a on her website looking for a Canadian to marry in order to gain access to Canada's universal healthcare system. (See Canadian Medicine's .)

Although she now admits the personal ad was a ruse to draw attention to the failure of the US healthcare system, it turns out the idea is paying off: , and she reports that she's been getting a fair number of responses from Canadians. The Post-Intelligencer writes:

"The profile was meant to be funny and a political statement," Sather, 52, said one morning at a bookstore coffee shop near her Ravenna home. "Now it's taken a life of its own." [...]

But she did begin receiving e-mails from Canadian men, most serious about wanting to meet her, date her and perhaps marry her. About a dozen candidates, including one woman -- who proposed to Sather as a joke -- sent her messages.

"It's a difficult thing for a guy to take on a sick, metastasized woman," Sather said. "Why would a guy get involved with me? All the cards are on the table and they still e-mailed."

The oldest man to respond is 69 and has lost two wives to cancer. The youngest is 40. She has talked to four men over the phone, and she met one man in Vancouver last weekend for crêpes and coffee. She said the love connection didn't happen.

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