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Monday, 1 October, 2007

Drs Brian Day and Penny Ballem set to guest-edit Vancouver Sun

CMA president Dr Brian Day and former BC deputy minister of health Penny Ballem have been named guest editors of the Saturday, October 27 edition of the Vancouver Sun, a special issue all about health news. Every section of the newspaper will cover health stories, -- from sports medicine to healthcare business issues.

Dr Day, of course, is well known for his support of expanded private delivery of healthcare, while Dr Ballem made news last year in protest of the BC government's healthcare planning. (You can read her resignation letter .)

The Sun asked Dr Day about the two doctors' differing views. He responded diplomatically: "We both have the same goal: to create a great Canadian health system. We may differ on how to get there. Having different views will stimulate debate, which is healthy."

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