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Friday, 26 October, 2007

"You can't do that": Stephen Harper

Do I have to tell you one more time, I think it's a sin,
I think I'll let you down.
Let you down and leave you flat,

Gonna let you down and leave you flat,

Because I've told you before, oh,

You can't do that.
-"You Can't Do That," The Beatles

reporter Philippe Gohier reports on Stephen Harper's refusal to change his widely criticized new "war on drugs" plan (the same one that outraged doctors and scientists, ) and why you can "blame it on the Beatles:"
"We are up against ... a culture that since the 1960s has at the minimum not discouraged drug use and often romanticized it, or made it cool," Harper earlier this month when he announced the government’s new anti-drug strategy. "My son is listening to my Beatles records and asking me what all these lyrics mean ... I love these records. I'm not putting them away ... But we have to change the culture."

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