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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hep B and C found in exposed Alberta patients

An undisclosed number of patients exposed to improperly sterilized medical instruments at a rural Alberta hospital earlier this year .

But local medical officials say the rate of blood-borne infections among the exposed population are lower than the average rate in the general population, though they've refused to disclose details about the results of their testing -- including the actual number of patients who have been found to be infected, reports the Canadian Press.

The St Joseph's General Hospital in Vegreville, Alberta failed to clean medical equipment sufficiently over a period of four years, leading to a that has since sparked a government crackdown. The provincial government's latest efforts to improve infection-control accountability have included the introduction of Bill 41, which would give the Minister of Health the power to handpick administrators and rewrite the standards of practice and codes of ethics of health professionals' regulatory bodies like the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta. (NRM in our November 15-30 issue.)

An initial estimate pegged the number of exposed patients at St Joseph's at 2,980; to 2,872. Nearly all of those patients -- 2,820, or 98% -- were contacted and offered testing, reports the Edmonton Journal. Just 1,850 agreed. But Dr Gerhard Benade, local medical officer, refused to divulge the number of positive test results. The cases are currently under review in Edmonton and definitive results of the testing likely won't be available until Dr Benade's final report, which is supposed to be published in February or March.

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