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Wednesday, 7 November, 2007

King Tut revealed in all his bucktoothed glory

King Tutankhamun is looking pretty good -- for a 3,000-year-old. The was shown to the public on November 5 for the first time since the discovery of his tomb in 1922 by archaeologist Howard Carter.

"With his beautiful buck teeth, the tourists will see a little bit of the smile from the face of the golden boy," said overjoyed Tutankhamunologist Zahi Hawass, who unveiled the remains.

Dr Hawass was instrumental in . CT scans, done in 2005, provided a complete health report on the 19-year old pharaoh. King Tut was apparently healthy, well fed and had the pronounced overbite of Egypt's 18th dynasty. The only jarring detail was a break in his leg, just above the knee.

"He was not murdered as many people thought. He had an accident when he was hunting in the desert. Falling from a chariot made this fracture in his left leg," Dr Hawass told reporters. The wound became infected and led to the king's death.


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