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Monday, 19 November, 2007

The Poison Pita Pit

Medical officer Dr Byrna Warshawsky of Middlesex-London, Ontario is on the trail of the source of a new salmonella outbreak at the University of Western Ontario. The investigation has now spread beyond fast-food restaurant Pita Pit, which was initially the prime suspect.

Twenty-nine of the 42 cases reported in the past several weeks have been definitively linked to the Pita Pit, but the new cases appear to be connected to a school cafeteria's central kitchen, . (Another count -- from the same department, oddly -- puts the .) Five affected people have been hospitalized.

One student who fell ill after eating at Pita Pit :

Up until now, if you asked me where to dine, I would have praised the Pit through and through. Little did I know evil bacterial minions were invading my body and plotting to destroy my intestinal tract while I munched on my wrap.

By Monday, I was doubled over in pain. I won’t go into graphic depictions of the items expelled from my body that day – let’s just say Hostel couldn’t hold a candle to it.

Genuinely concerned for my life by Tuesday morning, I booted it over to Student Health Services to speak with the docs. My physician greeted me with, “So you’ve got the runs, eh?”

Funny enough, he didn’t even ask me if I had been to Pita Pit lately. Of course, I visit the Pit at least once a week, so there’s no doubt in my mind the culprit was a delicious, but tainted, falafel.
The father of a girl who may have to sit out the rest of the semester is :
"She is no shape to go back. It knocked her for a loop."
According to the man, his daughter had been diagnosed with a "sensitive stomach." (Is that in the ICD-9?)

But last week when a London Free Press reporter showed up at the Pita Pit, one pre-med student was "munching away." "I didn't hear anything," said Breat Ghummar.

Image: (Doesn't the anthropomorphic pita look as though it's experiencing stomach pains?)

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