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Thursday, 8 November, 2007

Taser used on 68-year-old BC man

sparks yet another police review:

[68-year-old Kelowna man] John Peters double-parked his vehicle while picking up his wife Monday morning. As Anne Peters approached, a police car pulled up and one of the officers got out. [...]

The officer told Mr. Peters he was giving him a ticket for double-parking. Once Mrs. Peters got into the vehicle, Mr. Peters suddenly drove off. The officers drove after him and he pulled over in a parking lot.

“He should not have taken off. I convinced him to pull over, which he would have done anyway. I always try to get him to please be polite to the police officers, but he is who he is,” Mrs. Peters said.

Officers tried to arrest Mr. Peters but he raised his arm, refusing to co-operate. One of them grabbed him by the shirt, and Mrs. Peters told them her husband had suffered a stroke and has a neurological disorder that compromises his ability to understand language.

“Police zapped him twice with the taser,” she said. Mr. Peters also claims one of the officers punched him.

(CBC coverage of the incident is online .)

Check out NRM's latest issue for about the danger of the guns causing ventricular fibrillation and the controversial invented diagnosis of "excited delirium."

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  1. Seriously, if a police officer has to use a taser then they are surely a wimp and should get themselves a new job at Tim Hortons, and don't forget my butter. It is a sure sign of weakness that you can't do your job properly. All that training and you have to resort to shooting a weapon. I should just drop a nuke on ya. See what you think of that!

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