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Wednesday, 7 November, 2007

What's in the news: November

Here are some of the interesting items NRM wasn't able to include in our latest print edition (November 15-30, Vol 4, No 19).

  • Saved by the web: An Australian man was prevented from committing suicide .
  • Medical (wo)manpower: More women are , according to a report that shows female doctors now comprise 48% of the country's workforce aged under 40.
  • Toronto's hypocrisy: 29% of Torontonians would .
  • Malignant puzzle: Doctors are puzzled by the revelation that in Newfoundland and Labrador since 2004.
  • What about pepper?: Health coalition asks for salt content to be . Health Canada has to investigate. "It's been said reducing dietary sodium would result in the biggest improvement in public health since clean water and drains," said senator and physician Wilbert Keon.
  • Ottawa's out to lunch: .
  • Delayed but not defeated: More education can , but it also causes people to lose memory more quickly once dementia sets in.
  • Edible, incredible medicine: Broccoli , and garlic .
  • Posthumous mix-up: An American doctor, mixed up with his dead father, was sued by a lawyer who even after it became clear that he was targeting the wrong man.
  • Environmenta-lies-ation: The White House allegedly for decidedly unscientific reasons.
  • Chocoholic harm reduction: Fighting chocolate cravings only serves to , a new study finds.
  • Genetic pedophilia?: a Canadian study finds -- a fact which may be explained by genetics, it is suggested.
  • Can't smoke while you're in a trance...: than nicotine replacement therapy and 'cold turkey' for quitting smoking.
  • Extremely erroneous: International public health officials with a policy of applying standard treatments across broad populations rather than customizing treatments based on continuous monitoring of drug resistance.
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