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Tuesday, 4 December, 2007

CMA prez Day pulled strings to jump queues

Dr Brian Day has used personal connections to skip to the front of the wait list in order to get faster treatment for himself and for his daughter, :

When his five-year-old daughter's bone scan revealed a tumour that might be cancerous, the man who is now president of the Canadian Medical Association decided to jump the queue.

His wife, also a doctor, had taken their daughter into the emergency room of a Vancouver hospital after the little girl experienced a sudden pain in her leg, Dr. Brian Day recalled. The initial bone scan indicated a tumour, but couldn't reveal whether or not it was cancerous.

"The hospital said, 'We'll do a CT scan, bring her back next week,'" Dr. Day said. "To me, it's completely unacceptable, sending a mother home for six days not knowing whether her daughter has a malignant or a benign bone tumour. I made the phone call ... I made them do it that day." [...]

He admits that he himself used the system when he needed knee surgery, jumping a long queue to get the procedure done within a week by a surgeon who was also his friend.
See also NRM's two Q&As with Dr Day: , not long after he won the CMA presidential election, and is from September 30, 2007.

Photo: Lyle Stafford, NRM

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