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Monday, December 10, 2007

Health news update

We here at Canadian Medicine have rounded up some of the most interesting recent health news. Keep reading for updates on schadenfreude, frog eating, the plague, noisy airports and more.

Web of lies
Youtube is rife with anti-vaccination messages, says .

"The green-eyed monster"
(Borat's cousin) on the brain correlates for schadenfreude and gloating. , published in Brain, has a wonderful title:
"The green-eyed monster and malicious joy: The neuroanatomical bases of envy and gloating (schadenfreude)."

Don't let it get you down
We knew severe depression was associated with bone damage and osteoporosis, but a new study found .

A heart-wrenching moral debate
The British allowing lesbian couples to have IVF, with no father. A new proposal would remove wording that requires fertility doctors to consider "the need of that child for a father." During the debate, one Lord had a heart attack and needed resuscitation from a fellow Lord surgeon.

Fundraiser extraordinaire
Liberal MP Belinda Stronach, recently treated for breast cancer herself, for breast cancer reconstructive surgery for the University Health Network.

Say what?
The noise people are exposed to from living near airports .

The straight dope, maybe
One marijuana joint is the equivalent -- in terms of lung damage -- of a whole pack of cigarettes, according to one . One blogger, at Med Journal Watch, , from New Zealand, that estimates the damage at about three to six cigarettes' worth.

Yum yum
A Chinese man solves his intestinal problems by . (Can this possibly be true? Another story, from China, ... Don't miss the photos.)

Gimme a (tax) break
The Canadian GST tax discriminates against publicly funded hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities, .

Killed by a dead mountain lion
An American biologist in early November in Arizona; he apparently contracted it from a mountain lion carcass.

Still hunting
Nazi doctor Aribert Heim , say authorities.

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