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Monday, 3 December, 2007

Monday morning reading

To help you through this snowy Monday, Canadian Medicine's got a few interesting tidbits to share with you from around the web.

  • Doctors vs politicians: The Alberta Medical Association (along with the Canadian Medical Association, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta, the Professional Association of Residents of Alberta representing medical residents, the University of Alberta Medical Students' Association and Calgary Medical Students' Association) in Saturday's Edmonton Journal and Calgary Herald denouncing the Alberta government's proposed Bill 41, which would put a number of professional regulatory powers in the Minister of Health's hands.
  • The ratings are off the charts: A London, Ontario physician says she's "become obsessed" with comments posted about her on "I try to do my best every day and I appreciate positive comments. Negative comments kill me, they just break me apart," Dr Annette Richard told the London . After an anonymous user alleged she abandoned them after they were diagnosed with MS, she couldn't help but respond. (She's got a .)
  • Doping and hoping: Dr Maurice Duquette, the Quebec orthopedic surgeon who prescribed the performance-enhancing drug EPO to patients including cyclist Geneviève Jeanson, in front of the Supreme Court of Canada to withdraw his previous plea of 'guilty.' He had tried to change his plea on the day the Quebec College of Physicians and Surgeons judgment was to be announced in 2004, reports the Montreal Gazette.
  • On Friday in the House of Commons, the Conservatives got an earful from the NDP on , and from the Liberals on : "Is [the government] oblivious to how destructive its policies are or does it just not care how many Canadians will be hurt by its actions?" fumed Geoff Regan.
  • And now for something completely different... Is romance in your blood? Why does love evoke such strong feelings of obsession? "It is reasonable to hypothesise that [falling in love] must be mediated by a well-established biological process ... [We set out to] examine the relationship between the serotonin (5-HT) transporter, the state of being in love and obsessive-compulsive processes," Guardian correspondent and Annals of Improbable Research editor Marc Abrahams .
  • On the lighter side: "," by Blair Becker from the McSweeney's website.
    GAUNT: Listen, ever since I decided to subspecialize and take that residency in leechology, I have been raking in the livestock and cord wood. I've got a nice private practice in the hamlet out east and I bleed them all dry. [...] HASTINGS: Call me naive, but I truly believe that everyone deserves to be bled or sweated when they're at death's door, regardless of the feudal position they're born into.
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