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Friday, December 14, 2007

Popular Ontario doctor killed in fire

Dr Lee Brown, of Windsor, Ontario (pictured right), in a fire at his home, after he reentered the house just as he and his wife were leaving.

Dr Brown was a 79-year-old family physician who worked both at his own practice and at Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital, and still provided house calls to elderly patients.

His family said they believe he turned back in order to get dressed.

Dr Brown's colleagues had nothing but kind words for him, :

"He was the epitome of hard work and dedication," said [Dr. Anthony Glanz, the new president of the Essex County Medical Society], a cardiologist who worked with Brown at Hotel-Dieu. "He never seemed down. He was one of those doctors who always had a cheerful disposition. No matter what was going wrong, he always looked at the bright side."

[Dr. John] Greenaway said Brown would work 12 hours or more on weekdays and seven or eight hours on Saturday and Sunday,

"He never complained about the things that bothered most of us," said Greenaway, an on-call partner with Brown at Hotel-Dieu for the last decade. "He worked hard but always with good humour. He always did a good job and was always reliable. He was a wonderful guy. He was an inspiration to me and others younger than him."

He said Brown's passing will leave many patients without a doctor.

"It's going to take two people to replace him," said Greenaway. "Our problems are getting worse now. He was an amazing man. We've lost a real star."
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