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Avanafil – Getting the Best out of ED Drug Characteristics

One of the things or condition that a man would really hate to have is erectile dysfunction.  Often time, this is a condition that makes a man not feel like a man because the main reason he is called a man to begin with is not useable.  Most men who suffer from this condition tend to keep it to themselves, mainly because it is an embarrassing condition to have.  Fortunately for men who have this condition these days, they have the internet to turn to regarding their problem. Read more…

Spotting the scammers

In Parkhurst Exchange magazine's cover story this month, Brampton GP Alan Russell details the growing problem of drug-scamming patients. "I still wince," writes Dr Russell, "when I think of an empty bottle bearing my name that was found outside a school two days after being filled."

Also in the issue: a Q&A with undercover cop Dave Stinson, of the Toronto Police's prescription-drug trafficking and abuse squad. Mr Stinson -- who had to interrupt the interview at one point to follow a suspect and buy some heroin -- has investigated patient-scammers as well as corrupt doctors, and he helped put away Toronto physician John Kitakufe for eight years.

"I think doctors are in a tough spot. They have confidentiality issues at the highest level. That’s the way our country, our province approaches that, and that’s a good thing -- nobody wants their health records shared with law enforcement. By the same token, as a just society, to quote Trudeau, it shouldn’t and we can’t allow it to be used as a veil to hide criminality. What I'm seeing is an increase in criminality that not only involves the public getting involved -- there is a greater demand than ever before for prescription drugs -- but also healthcare professionals unfortunately acting in a criminal way themselves."
Read the web-exclusive full-length interview here.

The entire October issue is online here, save for a few pieces that you'll have to read in the print version.

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  1. Purley Quirt (aka Sharon)October 9, 2009 at 8:59 AM

    RE: prescription meds

    It would be interesting to know if the "process" for filling the prescription could be made safer

    e.g nothing on paper

    After all paper prescriptions could be easily duplicated and dispensed from several different pharmacies simultaneously

    Or perhaps there should be a relationship between physicians, pharmacies and patients for certain drugs where all 3 have a " registry relationship" forming a "prescribe/dispense/proof of use" cycle.

    RE: non-prescription meds in a prescription bottle

    the "perp" could be selling the "label as proof" ( also a duplication) with any similar looking tablet inside .

    RE: non-prescription meds sold individually

    There are plenty of unprotected vendors of gelcap products that could easily be palmed and sold as something else ( e.g. health food stores)

    However, I have only personally met one incarcerated criminal involved in illegally securing narcotics...and his technique was to simply observe when/where the pharmacist dispensed narcotics from...come back later and steal the entire stash.....

    What to do?

    Isn't it time to stop chasing the flaws in outcome and production....and creatively stem the tide at input?

    Perhaps popular designer drugs should be dispensed only within the doctors own clinic his own patient load... in very small amounts.

    Perhaps these types of drugs should be dispensed by some arm of law enforcement handling the process from farrow- to- finish.
    If you can have a "seperate -from- prescriber" entity dispensing as a business ( e.g. pharmacies ) then you can have another type of "seperate-from-prescriber" entity dispensing ....where revenue generated from dispensing enters public coffers.

    Heck...they could even issue "tickets" on discovery of infraction from the same spot..... on the spot!

  2. sharonOctober 29, 2009 at 11:43 PM


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