Fluconazole 150mg – Your Best Way in Treating Fungal Infections

April 19, 2016

Fluconazole 150mg is a medication that is used in treating fungal infections of certain types.  Fluconazole 150mg treats fungal infection by killing the fungi itself.  This medication is used for a multitude of infections.  Additionally, fluconazole 150mg can be used in preventing fungal infection on people whose immune system is compromised.

Fungal infections are not always limited to the skin wherein you can treat them using antifungal creams.  Also, there are times that some skin infections cannot be treated using creams alone as some of the components of the fungus may have buried themselves already deep in your skin which is why the use of medications like is necessary in order to fully purge them.

If you are using fluconazole 150mg, it is important that you keep this medicine for yourself and never share it with others.  Fluconazole 150mg is a prescription medication which means this has likely been prescribed to you.  Sharing the medication with others whose condition or allergic reaction has not been established can be particularly risky which is why it is highly suggested to keep your dosing of fluconazole 150mg to yourself.  Even if they exhibit the same symptoms you are treating, allow them to consult their doctors for proper diagnosis and dosing prescription.  The truth is fluconazole 150mg is not suited for everyone as some may exhibit allergic reactions or some side effects in using the medication.
This makes it necessary for the medical professional prescribing this medication to know your comprehensive medical history so he may be able to check for any known or previous allergic reactions.  If you have the following conditions, fluconazole 150mg may not be prescribed to you at all unless you undergo some form of special care:

  • have allergic reactions, sensitivity, or bad reaction towards azoles
  • have allergic reactions, sensitivity, or bad reaction towards any active ingredient of the drug.
  • are undergoing haemodialysis
  • have AIDS
  • is very ill or have serious medical conditions
  • has liver or kidney issues
  • have poor metabolism
  • is at risk on some forms of heart conditions

For fungal infection on the genitalia of a person under 17, a medical professional may not prescribe this medication, or prescribe it following certain care and precautions.

When under , it is advised not to drive or operate power tools or heavy machinery because the medication has the capacity to affect your ability in driving or operating power tools or heavy machinery.  This is of course in order ensure safety.  However, if needed, properly assess yourself first on whether it is safe for you to accomplish this task.  Otherwise, don’t.  Contact your medical professional and ask his opinion on the matter.

If you are a mother and currently breastfeeding, it is highly advised to stop breastfeeding when you are taking this medication as the active ingredients of fluconazole 150mg can pass through milk which can be risky and may affect your baby.  Discuss this matter with your doctor so he can prescribe why you with other medications that will allow you to breastfeed at the same time while treating fungal infections.