Furosemide 40mg – A Close Look at the Generic Version of Lasix

May 12, 2015

Lasix is actually the branded version of the generic drug furosemide.  These drugs are mainly diuretic in nature which is also part of their mechanism of action.  Basically, the main purpose of furosemide 40mg is to induce increase in urine in order to get rid of the body’s excess water.  Furosemide 40mg also helps in preventing the absorption of salt so that this compound is passed along the urine.  Furosemide is available in doses of 20mg, furosemide 40mg, and 80mg with furosemide 40mg being the mostly prescribed.

Fluid retention and edema are some of the conditions that furosemide was made to treat.  This is particularly true for people who already suffer from medical conditions like heart diseases, liver diseases, and kidney issues.  On some situations, doctors use furosemide 40mg for treating elevated blood pressure or hypertension. In most cases, furosemide 40mg is the dosage used for treating elevated blood pressure and taken twice per day.  If the body’s response towards furosemide 40mg does not seem enough or maybe too much, your doctor will likely increase or decrease your dosage accordingly.

Since furosemide has been made particularly for removing excess water in people who have fluid retention, the minimum dosage given to patients is likely 20mg.  However, since each dose of the drug has to be taken a couple of times, thus increasing the necessary dosage that the body requires to treat fluid retention, there will come a time that the dosage of furosemide must be increased to furosemide 40mg or even up to 80mg when necessary.  There are some people who require the use of furosemide 40mg each time they have some fluid retention, while some actually require daily dosing of furosemide 40mg just to avoid getting any water retention.

This diuretic drug can actually be abused by some to gain certain advantages in competitions where physical fitness or external physique is necessary.  None more so than in body building competitions where the man with who has the best physique is the one who gets declared to be the winner.  This is because the use of furosemide 40mg for such occasions allows the contestant to remove the unwanted water below the skin and therefore be able to show a more toned and sculptured physique.  In order to remove such subcutaneous water, some rely on saunas to help them sweat it out, while some use water deprivation to make the body consume or burn off the water.  There are others on the other hand, as recently mentioned, who use diuretic drugs like furosemide 40mg, to help them flush off a few pounds of fluids in their body, all within just a few hours of using furosemide 40mg.  The use of for such competitions is what you call a cheat.

The truth is, furosemide is actually one of the banned substances for professional sports like the Olympics.  Although furosemide 40mg does not necessarily give the extra strength, stamina, and speed advantage that steroids and HGH injections provide, the use of diuretic is still banned because the fast reduction in weight may actually become advantageous for the player, giving him/her that unfair advantage.